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PART III: Selecting and Obtaining the Best Results - p. 5 of 5


Getting the Full Article


If you do not see any full text options in that database, you may still be able to get the article text elsewhere. Look for a link that says something like “Get Article”, “Full text may be available”, or “Click here for more options”. Clicking those links will run a search for that article and publication in other Library databases. (If you do not see a way to search for the full text, ask a librarian for help!)


There are three possible results for that search:


Result 1


If we have the full text somewhere, you will get a screen telling you where we have it and if that issue is available:



Look for the “Go” buttons to browse for the right year/issue number or sometimes be taken right to the article.


Result 2


If we only have the publication in print or microfilm, you will see this:



Click on the “A-Z” link to go to a search screen where you enter the journal or magazine title (NOT the article title). This search will tell you what years/editions we have and where we have them. If you are unable to visit an RU Library in person to obtain the article, contact the Library to discuss your options.


Result 3


If we do not own the publication, you will see:



If you still want to try and get the article, just click on the “Interlibrary Loan” link to be taken to our request form. Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a service offered by most libraries that can borrow materials for students. We will try to find a copy of your article, and if we can get it we will send a copy to your RU email address.


When filling out the form, do your best to include as much info about the article as you can. Make sure we also have your correct email address and, if available, a phone number so we can quickly resolve any questions that may arise.


You will usually receive articles within 4-5 days, though sometimes it can take longer . Plan ahead in your research to allow time for requests!




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