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PART I: Choosing the Right Tools - p. 2 of 5


1 – Get help from a librarian


RU librarians are available to help you at all stages of your research process. You may already have a librarian participating in your class, and if so you already know how to contact him or her.


But did you know that there are lots of other librarians available to help you during your time at RU? They can help you make a research plan, identify useful search tools, evaluate sources you find, and much, much more. Even experienced researchers have questions, so never hesitate to ask for help.


To ask a question by email, look for the green “Ask a Librarian” button you see on many Library pages.



Fill out the question form, giving us as much info as you can about how you need help. A librarian will email you back within 1-2 business days.


You can also contact a librarian by clicking the IM-a-Librarian button on the main library page. If we're online, you can get help right away!



You can also find other contact options on the Library website, like phone numbers or email addresses. 


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