Criminal Justice

Scope: This subject guide provides a selection of resources useful for Criminal Justice.


New Criminal Justice Books

AUD: available Downtown; SCH: available at Schaumburg


Criminological Perspectives on Race and Crime

AUD HV6191 .G33 2007


Racializing Justice, Disenfranchising Lives

AUD HV9950 .R34 2007


Police Suicide: Epidemic in Blue

SCH HV7936.S77 V56 2007


Postmortem: How Medical Examiners Explain Suspicious Deaths

AUD HV8073 .T56 2007





The Library provides access to many online databases that contain citations to scholarly journals, magazines, newspapers, and reference works. Many articles include full text. Access is 24/7 and is available to all RU students, faculty, and staff.

  • Go to the Library Web Page, click Online Resources by Subject and choose Criminal Justice
  • Select a resource and begin searching.
  • OFF CAMPUS ACCESS: Authentication is required by entering the numbers on your RU ID. Be sure to use the 23311 in front of your 9-digit RU ID number.
    • Authentication is only required once per browser session.





Specialized Reference Books are a good place to start your research. The following is a list of selected Reference sources in Criminal Justice shelved at the library.


Note: AUD = Auditorium Building (Chicago) campus; SCH = Schaumburg (Robin) campus.



  • Crime in America: a reference handbook
    • AUD REF HV6787 .D871996
  • Criminal justice information: how to find it, how to use it
    • AUD REF HV7419.5 .C75 1998
  • Dictionary of American criminal justice
    • AUD REF HV7411 .C53 1998
  • Encyclopedia of crime & justice
    • SCH REF HV6017 .E52 2002
  • Encyclopedia of criminology and deviant behavior
    • AUD REF HV6017 .E53 2001
  • Crime and the justice system in America: an encyclopedia
    • AUD REF HV6789 .C6884 1997
  • Encyclopedia of American crime
    • AUD REF HV6789 .S54 2001
  • Encyclopedia of law enforcement
    • Online Encyclopedia: go to and click “Online Reference Sources”
  • Encyclopedia of police science
    • AUD REF HV7901 .E53 1995
  • The FBI: a comprehensive reference guide
    • AUD REF HV8144.F43 F35 1999
    • Also available as a eBook; search the RU Catalog by title for URL
  • Handbook of crime & punishment
    • AUD REF HV6789 .H25 1998

Criminal Law


  • Constitutional issues: The death penalty
    • AUD REF KF9725 .T871994
  • Criminal procedure and the Constitution
    • AUD REF KF9618 .C74
  • Victims’ rights: a reference handbook
    • AUD REF KF9763 .G58 1997



  • Encyclopedia of drugs, alcohol & addictive behavior
    • AUD/SCH REF HV5804 .E53 2001
  • Handbook of addictive disorders
    • SCH REF RC564.15 .H357 2004



  • Encyclopedia of DNA and the United States criminal justice system
    • AUD REF RA1057.55 .P34 2004
  • Forensic science: an encyclopedia
    • SCH REF HV8073 .T55 2006

Organized Crime


  • World encyclopedia of organized crime
    • AUD REF HV6017 .E541992

Prisons and Capital Punishment


  • American prisons: an annotated bibliography
    • AUD REF HV9471 .M33 1999
  • Capital punishment: a reference handbook
    • AUD REF HV8699.U5 K76 1993
  • Encyclopedia of American prisons
    • AUD/SCH REF HV9471 .E4251996
  • Encyclopedia of capital punishment
    • AUD/SCH REF HV8694 .G76 1998
  • Encyclopedia of capital punishment in the United States
    • AUD REF HV8694 .P35 2001
  • The Oxford history of the prison
    • AUD REF HV8501 .O941995
  • Prisons in America: a reference handbook
    • AUD REF HV9471 .R36 1999



  • City crime rankings: crime in metropolitan America
    • AUD REF HV6787 .C58
  • Crime in America’s top-rated cities
    • AUD REF HV6787 .C745
  • Lethal violence 2000: a sourcebook
    • AUD REF BF575.A3 L431996
  • Statistical handbook on violence in America
    • AUD REF HN90.V5 S833 1996
  • Statistics on crime & punishment
    • AUD REF HV6787 .S731996
  • Statistics on weapons & violence
    • AUD REF HN90.V5 S834 1996

Violent Crime


  • Encyclopedia of rape
    • AUD/SCH REF. HV6558 .E53 2004
  • Murder cases of the twentieth century
    • AUD REF HV6245 .F741996
  • Violence in America: an encyclopedia
    • AUD/SCH REF HN90.V5 V5474 1999
  • World encyclopedia of 20th century murder
    • AUD REF HV6515 .E5325 1992

White Collar and Technological Crime


  • Cybercrime: a reference handbook
    • AUD REF HV6773 .S3547 2004
  • Encyclopedia of white-collar & corporate crime
    • AUD/SCH REF HV6768 .E63 2005




The library has a number of books related to criminal justice that you can check out.  If the Roosevelt University library does not have a book you are looking for, you can search the I-Share catalog to find books in other libraries. 
Click Here to search the RU Catalog
Click here to search the I-Share Catalog
To browse criminal justice books in the RU Catalog or the I-Share catalog, search one of following subject headings. Begin by typing the subject in the search box, select Subject from the Search By list, and then click Search.
  • Crime
  • Crime and Race
  • Crime prevention
  • Criminal behavior
  • Criminal investigation
  • Criminal justice, Administration of
  • Criminal law
  • Criminal liability
  • Criminal procedure
  • Criminal Psychology
  • Criminals
  • Criminology
  • Gangs
  • Justice, Administration of
  • Police
  • Prison administration
  • Prisoners
  • Prisons
  • Violence
  • Violent crimes





National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS)

John Jay College of Criminal Justice Links Page

University of Toronto Criminology Links Page



American Correctional Association

American Jail Association

Federal Bureau of Prisons

National Institute of Corrections

Cornell Law Institute: Prisoner’s Rights

Drugs and Crime


BJS: Drugs & Crime

NCJRS: Drugs

Office of National Drug Control Policy

United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime


Federal Criminal Justice Agencies


U.S. Department of Justice

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

National Security Agency

U.S. Customs Service

U.S. Marshals Service

U.S. Secret Service

Juvenile Justice

ABA Juvenile Justice Committee

Center on Juvenile & Criminal Justice

Juvenile Justice: an Overview (Cornell Law Institute)

NCJRS: Juvenile Justice

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention


U.S. Courts

Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute

Local and State Law Enforcement Agencies

CopNet: North American CJ Agency Links

International Association of Chiefs of Police

National Sheriff’s Association


Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)

F.B.I. Uniform Crime Reports

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics





  1. To search a specific journal, newspaper, or magazine, click the Find Journals and Newspapers by Title link on the library’s web page.
  2. When the Find Journals page opens, type the name of the journal you are looking for in the keyword box and click the Search button.
  3. The search results will show whether the journal is available in a database It will also show the dates for which the articles are available. (Some of these journals will be in print; others will be in microfilm. Also, please note which campus has the journal).
  4. If the journal is available in a database, click the link next to the appropriate date range and the journal’s holdings (the dates for which we have the journal) will be displayed in the database.
  5. If you are accessing a database from off-campus, you will be prompted to enter your library ID number, starting with 23311, in order to authenticate yourself as a user.

Notable Criminal Justice Journals

  • American criminal law review
  • American journal of criminal justice
  • Contemporary justice review
  • Corrections professional
  • Corrections today
  • Crime and delinquency
  • Crime and justice
  • Criminal justice and behavior
  • Criminal justice ethics
  • Criminology
  • FBI law enforcement bulletin
  • Forensic examiner
  • International criminal justice review
  • International journal of offender therapy & comparative criminology
  • Journal of correctional education
  • Journal of criminal justice education
  • Journal of research in crime and delinquency
  • Police practice & research
  • Prison journal
  • Trends in organized crime
  • Violence and victims
  • Western criminology review
A comprehensive list showing the availability of print and online journals in Criminal Justice may be accessed via the Library home page by clicking on Find Journals & Newspapers by Title and choosing Social Sciences in the Browse Journal by Subject box, then choosing Criminology, Penology & Juvenile Delinquency.






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